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The key themes for the Growth Asia Summit 2024 are:

Tuesday, 16 July, 2024

  • Infant and Maternal Nutrition / Food and Nutra for Kids / Women’s Health

    Building on the in-depth analysis we explored in 2023, we’ll be exploring the latest research, product development and consumer trends spanning the needs of mums-to-be and infants, from nutrition during pregnancy through to the all-important first 1000 days of life.

    We’ll also be assessing how efforts to tackle childhood stunting and wasting are progressing, as well as looking at broader innovation opportunities for children across the food and nutra space as we debate how industry can deliver affordable, nutritious and natural products that kids want to eat, and parents can feel good about buying.

    Towards the end of day one, we’ll take a deep dive into the thriving women’s health sector, as we analyse opportunities around the menopause, sexual health and reproductive health, alongside the thriving beauty from within category.

Wednesday, 17 July, 2024

  • Active Lifestyle Nutrition / Protein Trends plus Healthier Product Innovation

    We’ll be assessing how industry is keeping up with consumer demands for products that aid more active lifestyles across the spectrum, as well as looking at the latest trends in the region’s sports nutrition category.

    Meanwhile, the topic of protein continues to trend in Asia, not only in relation to active lifestyles, but also in terms of food security and consumer demands for plant-based and alternative sources. We’ll be showcasing the very relation developments in relation to the entire category in a region where protein demand is booming.

    Finally, after the COVID-19 pandemic placed health, wellness and good nutrition very much top of mind for consumers, and this shows no sign of abating. This is creating huge opportunities for firm’s that can reformulate, fortify and innovate across all product categories to enable consumers stay active and healthy. Therefore, we’ll be featuring how major brands are delivering healthier product innovations for the mainstream market.


Thursday, 18 July, 2024

  • Healthy Ageing / Personalisation / Emerging Tech

    Asia faces huge challenges due to its rapidly ageing population, but it also provides vast opportunities for food, beverage and nutrition firms to cater to this burgeoning demographic. We will drill down into the latest research, trends and products for the whole range of healthy ageing-related categories.

    To close the summit, we’ll delve into the very latest developments in relation to personalisation and emerging tech, spanning artificial intelligence, diagnostics and product innovation.