The key themes for the Growth Asia Summit 2023 are:

Tuesday, 26 September, 2023

  • Maternal and Infant Nutrition

    We’ll be exploring the latest research, product development and consumer trends spanning the needs of mums-to-be and infants, from nutrition during pregnancy through to the all-important first 1000 days of life, in a region where we know parents are more than willing to pay a premium for scientifically-validated products. On the flip-side, with childhood stunting and wasting still prevalent in several APAC countries, we’ll be asking how industry and policymakers can join forces to tackle this significant, but solvable, public health concern.

    Expect to see probiotics, prebiotics, synbiotics and postbiotics feature heavily, alongside HMOs and 2’-Fl, marine and plant-based sources of omega-3, the all-important core dairy and non-dairy sources, lipids, vitamins, minerals and proteins, in addition to emerging ingredients starting to makes waves in this space.

  • Food and Nutra for Kids and Teens

    In a region that is experiencing a surge in childhood obesity and diabetes, we’ll explorehow the food and nutrition industry can deliver affordable, nutritious and naturalproducts that kids want to eat, and parents can feel good about buying. From the latestNPD, emerging consumer trends and opportunities across the entire range of productformats from snacks to beverages, this session will assess how nutrition and great tastecan combine to meet the needs of the region’s youngsters.

    Expect to see trends such as clean label, natural colours, sugar reduction, organic, freefrom, plant-based and products with added functionality feature heavily, alongside theingredients, research and technologies that are helping brands secure success in thislucrative category.

Wednesday, 27 September, 2023

  • Active Lifestyle Nutrition and Protein Innovation

    The COVID-19 pandemic placed health, wellness and good nutrition very much top ofmind for consumers, and this shows no sign of abating. This is creating hugeopportunities for firms that can reformulate, fortify and innovate across all productformats, from snacks to supplements, to enable consumers stay active and healthy. Inaddition to showcasing the latest trends, research and product development across thebroad Active Lifestyle Nutrition space, we’ll be honing in on how innovators in theprotein category are also riding the health and wellness wave as the popularity of plantbased products and flexitarian lifestyles continues to gather pace.

    Expect to see the latest insights on how a range of ingredients from probiotics tobotanicals are supporting active lifestyles spanning immunity, endurance, sleep andstress, and weight management, to healthier and plant-based options across thegeneral food and beverage category that are striving to meet consumers’ wellness andsustainability demands.

  • Women’s and Men’s Health

    There has been a notable uptick in innovation and product launches beyond maternalhealth for women in recent years, including those targeted at the menopause, sexualhealth and reproductive health, alongside the thriving beauty-from-within category. In themen’s health space, specific products targeting testosterone levels, prostate problems,liver health and hair loss continue to gain traction. We’ll be assessing the latestmomentum in these two categories and exploring the white spaces for further innovationas consumers increasingly look for more than a ‘one-size-fits-all’ women’s’ or men’s’multivitamin.

    Expect to see how the nutrition industry can innovate to meet the needs of women andmen across the region as we drill down into their major health concerns, the researchbacking-up the gold-standard ingredients in this space, the markets that are drivingdemand, and the new format opportunities that could open up new revenue streams forbrands.

Thursday, 28 September, 2023

  • Healthy Ageing

    Asia faces huge challenges due to its rapidly ageing population, but it also provides vast opportunities for food, beverage and nutrition firms to cater to this burgeoning demographic. We will drill down into the latest research, trends and products for conditions associated with mobility, including bone, joint and muscle health, as well as cognitive health spanning memory, mood, and cognition. We’ll also shine the spotlight on the role the sector has to play in helping alleviate the various metabolic health conditions, including diabetes, obesity and heart health, as well as immune health and conditions such as dysphagia.

    Expect to see how the concept of Healthy Ageing as a ‘lifelong endeavour’ and rising consumer awareness of the importance of health span alongside lifespan places the food and nutrition industry front and centre in the region’s battle to avoid a demographic timebomb as we showcase the pioneering firms, researchers and industry experts striving to ensure people a healthier, as well as longer, older age.

  • Personalised and Precision Food and Nutrition Opportunities

    Innovation across the life stages is crucial to meet the region’s nutritional needs and wants, but what scope do we have to offer truly personalised and precision-based solutions that are both scalable and affordable? These are just two of the key questions that we will be addressing in our final session as we assess the opportunities for personalised nutrition in the region, from products to diagnostics, and data security to delivery systems.

    Expect to see how advances in our understanding of the microbiome are propelling opportunities for future personalised solutions across a whole host of health conditions, as well as hearing from brands, start-ups and experts who are driving advances in the space and are already providing tailored food, beverage and nutra products to consumers in the region and beyond.